Portfolio of projects

This is a llab that was created with the Mac user in mind. It is networked on a switch and the instructor has a big screen tv up to demonstrate direct usage of a Mac PC.
This lab was installed at David H. Ponitz Highschool and was used to teach Macintosh and Windows Operating system usage. There is also a Windows server that connects that manages all workstations.
Custom built workstation from a student of the CTO.
This is a PC that students in the program had a chance to build using Barebone PC kits provided by the schools program.
CTO teaching a highschool class network topology planning for the Cyber lab
This is our CTO teaching a class on basic networking and Project Management implementation of a network.
Students using laptops to follow along on an assignment with a guess speaker.
Here is a mobile lab that was installed at the school for another teacher at David H. Ponitz by our CTO while he was a teacher at the school.
Students working in a coding lab.
This is a coding lab and a WordPress Website Development lab. Students learned to host their own websites internally and externally. Our CTO taught Python coding as an added bonus class to allow students to explore other forms of Information Tech so they can make an informed decision before choosing an IT discipline.
Created for a local religious organization which includes a vmware environment and repurposed PC into a Pfsense Firewall. Has 3 access points and 5 vlans with a guest network. Also has 2 ubuntu servers and 1 windows DC for approved users.
This small network was setup using opensource solutions and equipment already on hand by the Non-profit. They have a Pfsense Firewall, a Ubiquiti Switch that powers 3 Ubiquiti Unifi Access points all controlled by a Linux Unifi Server appliance. This system has been in place of 2 years now and is still serving the needs of this organization. They now have added one more server to the environment. This simple but very robust setup serves 400 users on the internet at a time with load balancing and bandwidth control automation in place. This organization is one of our clients as well.
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